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What my clients have to say about me

"Our work together included localization of the website and we were very happy with the result and the process. Over the course of several weeks, Yulia translated texts about the game as well as all user-oriented content, from profile setup to our crowdfunding page. The website was being continuously updated, which meant the same needed to happen with the translation as well. We used Skype to communicate, which helped us implement changes quickly. Before introducing final changes, all texts were tested using a dummy website to make sure that menu placement, character count, or syntax work well in both desktop and mobile versions of the site. I was happy Yulia’s work, her quick reactions and responses, and her ability to always meet our deadlines."

Jiří Rýdl, Warhorse Studios

Who are my clients?
Would you like to know more about my work and see if we're a good match? Simply reach out.
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