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How does it work?

By definition, translation is the process of translating words or text from one language into another. Usually, it’s billed on per-word or hourly basis. But more importantly, translated text is often what you use to present yourself, your company, or your product to your prospective clients, fans, or social media followers. If you want to make the best impression, avoid free online machine translation tools at all costs. Instead, choose a professional translator experienced in your field – you don’t want a marketing-focused translator working on a medical report and vice-versa. By choosing a suitable professional, you’re guaranteed to receive a well-written, well translated text that will help you stand out of the crowd instead of becoming a butt of yet another meme.

My fields of expertise

  • Marketing, advertising and PR

  • Game, app, software and website localization

  • IT, FinTech, crypto, and everything computer-related

  • Movies, media, and culture

  • Fitness, lifestyle, and travel

Not my cup of tea

While I generally avoid legal and most medical texts, I can always refer you to a colleague, so do not hesitate to message me anyway!

Need something translated? Let me know – I will be happy to help or to refer you to a colleague with the right expertise.

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